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hexagon texture film faced plywood for flight case 2

hexagon texture film faced plywood for flight case,
Slip-Resistant Film Faced Plywood is made in a similar fashion to regular smooth phenolic film faced panels with the additional process of applying a patterned, metallic press to the face to create the appropriate design. The resulting product provides underfoot traction that is ideal for the floors of commercial vehicles and walkways
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hexagon texture film faced plywood for flight case




Eucalyptus + Phenolic + Glue + Plastic fabric


flight case, road case, hard case, luggage, tool box, storage boxes, trolly case, furniture decoration, construction formwork, etc





1) Light weight: we choose the high grade eucalyptus and poplar as the basic material, which are very light

2) Easy to cut: the plywood is easy to cut, so according to the construction, the formwork could be cut into the required sizes

3) No deformation: film faced plywood is also whole but not deformation and chipping after 72 hours cooking in boiling water.

4) High quality film: film faced plywood is filmed by Dynea film imported from Finland, it protects the formwork surface from the corrosion and makes the formwork durable, 

improves the flatness of concrete surface and make the concrete surface save the second

time plastering, so it could save a lot of construction.

5) 5) Waterproof, fireproof, and anti-fouling ability, resistant to rub


Please keep it in the cool and dry place, away from the corrosive place


The luggage industry ,furniture industry, electrical and electronics industry, hardware industry,aerospace industry, medical industry